Plan Béton (Concrete Plans)


A short interactive poem making use of the video snippet and some scripts i've found around the web.
I thought this might be technically interesting to you guys, I might do more based on this system.
Sorry if you can't understand French, I did an English translation but apparently, it's bad, so I have to do another one.

Pierre Chevalier
Made For: 
An event


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Falls Down

I like the animation when you scroll down. I like animations and poems.
I would like to see more of these with different colors and different words and different things that happen.

yes I will try to do more in

yes I will try to do more in order to please you

That's a pretty good response

I think there's conviction in your sentencing. It works out really well in this case.. I played it too and was wowed about it, but you know, big changes, not sure what's going where and where's going what, but you know, I know how it can be sometimes. I'm gonna do my best and keep training as well. I hope some day with your devices you do get the chance to master the scrolly bar, but till then all's ashore that's going ashore.