candice bergen presents: laser chicken rescue

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help candice bergen in candice bergen's mind-blowing premiere -- innocent baby chicks are rescued from the wrath of nature? it is up to you to help candice bergen discover the power within

racarate + kikimarie
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hello how to open such a

hello how to open such a *.love file? isn't there a way to compile it / make an exe?

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There is, I believe, but you

There is, I believe, but you should also be able to just download the LÖVE runner for your OS of choice and just go.

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In an ideal world, users

In an ideal world, users would be downloading platform-independent packages (EG. .love) and the operating systems would be the ones providing downloads for the runtimes, because not everyone is on an operating system that uses Portable Executable (.exe), the Win32 APIs, etc.

It would also be super great if every operating system could detect opening one of these packages and automagically download and install the proper runtime, but knowing Microsoft this is pretty much almost never going to happen with anything that isn't by Microsoft (especially since LOVE uses OpenGL, which Microsoft considers Satan).

Many people, especially those on the LOVE forums, prefer to distribute by just uploading the .love file, because a lot of folks in community already have LOVE installed, and this allows people on any platform to run the game. The other option is to include the LOVE executable within several different platform-specific downloads, but this is more work, and it's still good to include the .love file itself so that other operating systems can use it.


Whatever was going on with that background music was fantastic. Was that real-time squelching (?), or was it a sound file that you created?


i wish i could do real-time things like that! it was a recording of a NUZYNTH pattern (better than the OLDZYNTH):