Three of Kind

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Here are three different small puzzle games. I originally made the different games in Klik n Play and then I imported it into MF2. Good luck!

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I won them all, but it was

I won them all, but it was often a process of anger and confusion. Especially with level [C], which caused me to yell "Bug? What bug!? There is no bug!" which may be what caused the bug to appear for all I know. Excellent work.

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8-) I'm very glad you

8-) I'm very glad you appreciated it and I'm also glad you completed all of them! I had a roommate test them out and I was worried if I released it how it was then it would be too difficult to figure out.

yeah honestly i have no idea what's going on

but i like B a lot. it involves lizard keybugs and i think we could really benefit with more lizard keybugs in life