Unpredictable storyline twists


I haven't decided yet if I should give explanations about this game.

Pierre Chevalier
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An event


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This looks cool! It will be

This looks cool! It will be a while before I can really play it, though, as the dissolve transition is incredibly slow on my tablet and messages advance before they've fully appeared.

that's too bad. And I don't

that's too bad.
And I don't know how to fix it since there doesn't seem to be a dissolve transition set in the game...
Do you correctly display "usual" twine games?

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Now that I've played it on a

Now that I've played it on a computer, I see that it's just Twine's standard fade-in transition. Basic Twine games typically work fine on my tablet, maybe the slowdown in this instance was because the effect is being applied to a large box too? You can make Twine passages transition instantly, but I feel like it could detract from your game. Which I liked, by the way, since I can say that now!

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Evokes https://twitter.com/faq_walkthrough, though this has a more consistent corpus of actions.

(Aah, I see the original walkthrough in the credits. Clever!)

interesting! thank you

interesting! thank you

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He is dead (?!?!).

Very personally inspiring