Super ZZT, also called SZZT, is the successor to ZZT, created in 1992 by Allen Pilgrim and Tim Sweeney of Epic Games (then Epic MegaGames). Like its predecessor, Super ZZT was essentially a game creation system with a few games packaged with it, which included Lost Forest, Monster Zoo, and Proving Grounds. Like ZZT, the greatest draw to its sequel was the level editor which allowed players to create their own games. Strangely, the editor itself was somewhat "hidden" by the creators, as it was necessary to add the command line parameter /e when loading Super ZZT in DOS. Some changes to this version include floor textures, new prefabricated enemies and objects, custom hint menus, and scrolling maps allowing for much larger worlds than ZZT would allow. Although Super ZZT is in many ways a vast improvement over ZZT, it never caught on with the ZZT community like the original ZZT did; a possible reason was the bugginess of the editor. Very few games were ever created for Super ZZT. However, notable game creation group Interactive Fantasies did create 3 Super ZZT games, which are among the best of the Super ZZT titles.

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Sweeney! Remember the name.

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love the old maps

yeah, i converted that one myself.

only took 144 screenshots. and irfan view batchcrop/convert were vital. I guess zap would've been an easier route but who knows now?

There is a script out now for zzt maps

144, huh? Wow! Zap pulls it off with 8 snapshots and snap-to-edges in photoshop. The bar gets raised with each new tool (stk, kevedit, zap, etc) For the record, the szztland map is 100% hand-drawn.

Yeah, it looks like they're keeping it under wraps though

I could use it, but I don't need it. This was 144 screenshots for SuperZZT though, since it's forests, and I think it's previously not shown. Fullscreeens. Zap's a tough cookie, but I got it running with some virtual setup optimally and like tablet drawing. Feels weird drawing the board with a drawing like drawing. There, I'll post the complete one since I spent a morning of sleep deprivation making it pretty.

timsweeneyforestszztwide.png1.47 MB

Thanks for that, I was gonna ask if you had it

I'd like to showcase more szzt stuff on my site (like Avarice) when I get around to it. Your site is one of the great zzt pillars so fix up those broken links! Drawing free hand is strange and nothing beats the traditional method, but its handy with the finishing touches like random grass texture as shown below. ZAP is also great in the early stages for (s)zzt/bmp importing ability. It's no kevedit, but it stands on its own.

and in honor of the sweeney! remember the name! post:

I'll go ahead and post another one for posterity of THE FUTURE GENERATION! people will uhh, admire that and stuff, so uhh, enjoy. And yeah, it is LOSSY, that picture, but lossy in this case? RULES.. THE ARTIFACTS ARE YOUR FRIEND... REMEMBER ME.. I AM SWEENEY... HAVE NO FEAR.. IT'S ZZYEAR, or whatever... I'm better in notepad with some clicks and foolocks here you go: