Prof. EagleEye 7

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The Prof. has betrayed you.
Or has he? He is usually a very loyal and considerate person.
We will just have to wait and see what happens, no? No.

-6 New dimensions, and they are all amazing.
-Incredible ending that will knock anyone's socks off.
-So many differences - you won't know what hit you!
-A whole new type of gameplay...what could it be!??!?!
-The prof. is amazing
-Now in HD!
-123% good

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Well isn't this is fully spanned out adventure

It of course like the others has a system. It keeps people coming back, or scared for their life, as mortals don't possess the eagle eyes that the professor has. I mean, the idea that he cares so much about spotting the differences that he takes his time to let you take your time to study your skill really shows what kind of an eccentric yet dedicated professor he is.

Unique to observation, with of course the text that makes you squint your eyes to understand what's going on.. the only gripe I have is after the last new form of questionmark gameplay as advertised (and delivered) upon completion after finishing it i clicked through the first part of the cutscene, as of course that in itself is part of the trademark. Missing a part of the plot because you were clickhappy for a moment. Trying to figure out where to click to get to the next step, even finding out what the controls are as well as one of the toughest as nails core gameplay mechanic without any buttering or watering down is in itself why we (or i(us?)) persevere and continue on hoping to gain an understanding of the prof and his journey he provides for us.

I would personally be happy with more, well maybe not storyline as there is enough here. The dialogue sells it and it's minimal. Course it may be his character and it's what you expect to develop as time furthers along.

As far as a spoiler free say, maybe a new beginning. At this point 7 episodes in you feel a constant but maybe the underlying message is that there really isn't one, that things can change in a flash even if they've been encountered like that before.

It's so many memories here flooding back.

As far as the work, keep up the work in the art. What you're doing here shows a lot and of course as he goes back to his old lab you see the differences and either the improvements or more grunt work. Others who have the same materials may never yield the same results you got, for better, and well, for well. It has a made from scratch feel that make the user get sucked in. What's next? A couple hand done tracks and minor voice acting? presidentially accurate fake 3d boxes of preposition?With some work and if interest continues, a new game could possess anything. This is already anything as is and I kinda just get lost admiring the look and feel to the whole thing. But you can't click too quick or it could be lost in an instant!

I'd say throw some transitions in there, but again, it's your world. A signature style can't be yours unless you decide it's rightful to the anthology. I say it's your game a lot, and at this point everyone knows what they're getting into by this point and at the same idea no idea what they're getting into.

Sidenote: I clicked around the last screen for 5 minutes looking for a difference. I may not be an eagle eye, but I think at this point i'm hooked.

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How you always manage to

How you always manage to have so much to say about these dumb games is beyond me. I only make them when I'm sick of working on something proper lol.
Thanks for the feedback though, and as fas as any improvements to the formula go, I don't really want to add much more to it because it would make me seem like I care about my dumb eagleeye throwaway series too much and that in turn would just make me feel utterly silly.
It's a ridiculously stupid story coupled with tedious dialogue, stolen music, cheap art and the most uninteresting gameplay imaginable, and I want it to always stay that way. <3

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I'm waiting for a let's play

I'm waiting for a let's play so I can figure out that last one (or what I assume is the last one).

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Is the saga over yet?? OR IS

Is the saga over yet?? OR IS IT NEVER ENDING YET?

I'm just gonna go ahead and presume this, but

the saga is omnipotent. There is a desire to make more as there are probably more assets in his device and to be pending. These haven't been calibrated in gamemaker yet. They are pending. Exoptable Money and Presentable Liberty is taking center of attention at the moment. The whole greenlight thing, and something about those two being the something or another to do with pop culture. I'm gonna presume when things are settled down a bit we might see another as we can all hope for.

I personally love the series. I am a fan of all the series presented. This was my first wertpol series, as in firrrrrrrrst, so I guess this holds a special place in the heart. I also feel like whatever series gets attention, it's cool either way. I hope to see any addition to any in the series, or even a whole nother series. When the world finds out a Wertpol is a Wertpol, that will go where it ends up I suppose.

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i'd also love to see more of

i'd also love to see more of this series, it's definitely one of my favorites