WarioWare D.I.Y: Eat a Baby

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My first submission to WarioWare D.I.Y: The Last Hurrah is a remake of the snapman classic Eat a Baby or a Burglar. A tough moral decision awaits those who play, with some of the possible outcomes previewed above!

Want to play this game? You'll need to swap friend codes with me actually find me in person. Good luck with that.

Here's a Vine of the game in action.

For those with flashcarts/emulators/tools/more time on their hands, the .mio file for the game can be downloaded here.

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I love how you remade the

I love how you remade the Klipart for this game! I'd like to see more more of that at some point.

don't understand much what

don't understand much what all of this is about but from the animated gif I can see I'm missing something

How did you randomise the

How did you randomise the position of the baby and burglar? I want to do that in my pizza burger game.

EDIT: Never mind, figured it out by using the power of... THE INTERNET.