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I've started using Facebook this year, and it's mostly replaced my calendar. It would be good if GT events were on there.

Is it okay if I start and maintain a Glorious Traiwnrecks page on there? A page is better than a group, right; in regards to having attached events?

Events should probably also be in the Twitter feed, I reckon.

Or we could just take over https://www.facebook.com/GloriousTreats

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On Twitter: I think this

On Twitter: I think this makes sense, since a lot of game jams get announced on Twitter anyway, and it would be easier to spread the word via retweet.

One problem with this might be that a list of auto-tweeted events might fall into the background unless each new event has its own content for the tweet? Like at least a summarization of the event description?

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That's probably necessary,

That's probably necessary, yeah. I assume now the tweets are done automatically?

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Yeah, tweets are done via an

Yeah, tweets are done via an IFTT script that scrapes the "recent games" RSS feed.