It's basically the beginning of a Metroidvania game about retrieving tacos. I didn't come further than that... but has a proper ending, promise!

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I don't want to kill animals.

I don't want to kill animals.

Yeah, we played it 3 times

While I orchestrated what was going on to my peers elsewhere. It was, an experience? The screenshot is really nice. I would like to say I expected something else but the yield I got out of it made sure I got what I was hoping for. Part of the experience of course is dragging and dropping the missing dlls to the folder.

I'm not sure how to absorb it all, but I mean, it did the trick. Everything here was monumental in that it presented a story in its entirety even if it feels like you're going against the barrels, and yeah, getting to the top, there's no mistaking that for .. well anything anyway. It's on an event but I hope this one doesn't disappear from the archives. You should share the zip here in case of linkrot and time and all that, since the game link just links to a zip file.

If you have any others I'll be sure to take a looky if one is provided. Solid work. Take care.