A Faster Computer

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A game i created solely to make a joke on computer crashes. Top features include a wide variety of things to avoid, The glitchiest parallax scrolling on the market, a faux mode 7 perspective that causes bikes to be in midair for no reason, and a strange application of prime numbers to make the title screen music.

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I really like how you

I really like how you illustrate the increasing speed through progressively fast obstacles ranging from chairs to cyclists to cars... So far my best score is 81.

"Mode 7" generally refers to a rotozoomed background layer (contrary to popular belief, Mode 7 by itself does not actually provide a perspective view), but since this game's terrain looks more like a set of vertical gradients, it's really closer to an HSYNC scanline effect.

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I really like how the game

I really like how the game looks like it starts to mess up or something when you get hit. I only got to 87. :-o
*Edit: I just realized I'm slowing down when I get hit, okay, very cool.

That was intense

I got to 89. At one point I was dizzy.Wow, good work. I feel like thre's more after this. It tells a story as you go alohnge.. eXtreme EH#HOTHOHTO kj ,m m, lkj lkj jh here's i'll try to type on the 180 turned keyboard.

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