Amiga Boing Ball in Checker World

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So now that I have access to OS X, I decided to toy around with Unity. I had no idea where to start (How do you add objects? How do you add behaviors? Etc. Etc.), so I followed the "Roll-a-Ball" Unity video tutorial for a bit and then decided to go in my own direction.

A blatant rip-off of Inspired by Nifflas' "The Big Sea".

Arrow keys to move. Try to get to the golden plate at the end. Also this game is really short and probably isn't even worth downloading.

Edit: I tried using a third party archiver on OS X to try and get rid of the .DS_Store pollution but the thing broke the folder hierarchy. Won't be using that program again! Reuploaded using a Linux archiver that actually works.

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this is cute

this is cute

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This is hard! Suggested

This is hard! Suggested soundtrack:

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This already feels more advanced than most anything I've done.

I couldn't get past the pink platform, but it was fun!

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The ball deceleration is a

The ball deceleration is a bit frustrating, but very cool thingie nevertheless.. also the ball reminds me of this

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Bahaha, the ending caught me

Bahaha, the ending caught me by surprise! Maybe could have used a checkpoint or two and a little more oomph when counteracting momentum but I liked it.