Moonlit Corpse

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Wed, Apr 30 2014 08:00 PM
05/01/2014 - 13:00
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I am organising a game of exquisite corpse, using the Sword of Moonlight tool.

Sword of Moonlight is a nice piece of software by From, and it used to make King's Field style games. Making maps is simple enough, and everyone is welcome, no matter their familiarity with the software or the King's Field series. Here is an example of the first thing I made in it, it took a few minutes.

The actual duration of the event is 'as long as it takes'.

There are no rules regarding how much a person has to contribute.

I think the basic process is:

  1. Finalise list of participants.
  2. Decide on order the project will be passed round in.
  3. Make a chart to determine how the separate maps will link together, and whose map will link to whose.
  4. Pass around project folder, each participant adding their map and events (etc.), and link their map to whichever is required.
  5. Make some tea.
  6. Distribute, and play.

I will be using E-mail to do a lot of the organisation and co-ordination (though will mirror things here), as not everyone participating is a GT member. So if you want to pass your address along to my gmail: rylie.james.thomas do that!
I've also made this cool website to host it:

Games made for Moonlit Corpse


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I am interested, but I don't

I am interested, but I don't think I'll have time to delve into the editor and see if I can do anything with it until June. Is that when this is set to end?

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Hey. Well, I'm going to


Well, I'm going to start sending out e-mails, to talk about how the game will work, this weekend. There are eleven people so far, so I'm sure that if you wanted to be in the last half of the list June would be fine. There's no end date sent, I figure give everyone a week for their turn, but I want to see what everyone thinks.

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So, 'sign up' is what I am

So, 'sign up' is what I am trying to say!

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I might participate if I can

I might participate if I can get the software working.

What opportunities are there for narrative? I really liked the Knytt Stories collab because of all the different places you would go (dangerous mine, ninja village, rain god, etc.), each one with their own little story.

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In as far as mechanically

In as far as mechanically there's at least as much narrative potential, but not really in regards to customising graphics. Importing your own stuff is possible, but from what I know currently would likely interfere with other's work as all the assets will be shared, and there is a limited amount available. Adding new things is done through hacking.

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woah yeah

i really want to get my hands dirty with this but am also killer pressed for time lately. please keep me in the loop so i don't forget! can't wait to see what everyone builds.

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If you think you'll be free

If you think you'll be free in June it looks like it'll be going at least through then. I think there are 13 people on board now, so it'll all take a wee while.

I can't wait to see what everyone builds too!

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oh shit i love these game

oh shit i love these game types

imma check this shit outttttt

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Accepting participants again!

Hey, just posting a wee note to say that we're accepting more participants if anyone's interested. We've lost a few people along the way, but it's still progressing!

Also there are some screenshots on the website now:

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Is the only export option

Is the only export option windows executable?

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Yeah. It does at least run


It does at least run fine in contemporary Windows and in virtual machines on Linux and Mac.