Unpredictable storyline twists 2


Play FIRST, and if you wish, then check out the sources :


I can't have the animated gif set to not looping AND reseting each time the game starts over. So I let the gif loop, which is not as cool.
I tried several javascript solutions but couldn't have any of them working in Twine.
If someone knows how to fix this please let me know...

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yes yes yes

yes yes yes

okaaay this is actually

okaaay this is actually broken except in Internet Explorer
the animated gif will not reload every time which is frustrating
everything else works fine
will figure out how to fix this...
some other day.

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oh PHEW for a minute I

oh PHEW for a minute I thought this was based on the UHS hint file

(I wrote the UHS hint file as a teenager and I am not anxious to re-read it)

(it's on the internet with my first email address attached for all to see, though)

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Yes, that is totally teenage

Yes, that is totally teenage me. I got a free registered copy of the UHS hint reader on floppies for writing that. Though when I sent it in to get published, UHS dude accidentally sent me the wrong contract, and technically still owes me $100. (He was going to honour it anyway, but he wanted a US taxpayer ID number, which, being a Canadian teenager, I didn't have.)

IIRC I very carefully avoid explaining the gun controls because I was worried that they could be considered copy protection, since they're described in the manual. (It was probably around this time that I was also seeking out the creators of Megapede to let them know that I think including sound clips from TV shows and movies in your game might be illegal, OMG)

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I feel a sudden urge to

I feel a sudden urge to locate and transcribe some of the Myst walkthrough I wrote when I was like 7 years old...

yeah you are all serious

yeah you are all serious videogames genetic geeks and there is probably some genius attached to it
whatever, locate it, transcribe it, we're going to revive it and make wonderful things out of it