Stunt Copter: WarioWare Edition


My first DIY. A demake of the Mac classic STUNT COPTER (

I spent FAR too much time on this, so SOMEONE BETTER PLAY IT.

Made For: 
An event


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I see only WarioQuest in

I see only WarioQuest in your warehouse!

Yeah I have to wait to

Yeah I have to wait to upload it. I have to turn off my internet security to get online with my DS and it messes up the internet for the whole house, so I'll have to wait until late/early.

When I tried to look at your games it said there was nothing there and there was still a question mark by your name, maybe I missed something.

That WarioQuest was made by the previous owner. Sadly it's the only thing he left behind. Was hoping for more!

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I believe question marks

I believe question marks stay until your DS confirms mutual friendship. You've already moved past question mark state for me, so you should be able to see my stuff next time you connect.