Skeleton Clock

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(Originally from

A classic retro-style score based game in the style of Asteroids or Corruption of Champions! Share your scores with the friends at the Schoolyard!

The King of Skeletons has the creepiest clock ever seen.

Dare you brave the flying vampires to get a quick look at the time?
Vanquish them with your mighty mouse!

But watch out, if you hit The King of Skeletons, YOU BECOME ONE YOURSELF!

so dont mess up ok no pressure just DONT

Or press Escape to quit, if you're a COWARD!

The music is definitely NOT a midi of Bloody Tears from Castlevania 2.

Sound Effects from

Graphics from Multimedia Fusion 2 library

my game is good dont mess with me my dad works for acclaim h'ell mess u up

Install instructions

Simply download the game, and open the file.

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An event


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as jaynes friend i

as jaynes friend i personally endorse this game

also i got 201 you can probs easily beat that score tbh

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I played this until I

I played this until I managed to get all the vampires to leave the sides of the screen.

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Um excuse me. You obviously

Um excuse me. You obviously stole this skeleton from my game Castlevania 10.

See you in court, punk.

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uhh excuse me my dad works

uhh excuse me my dad works for GAMECUBE and will beet ur dad up stfu

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my computer doesn't have the

my computer doesn't have the creepy font that is in the screenshot :(