Nowhere To Go But Nowhere

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(Click the link to play; the download is the source code)


I've been meaning to start making small games again for like half a year now, so obviously the first thing I ended up doing is a weird, barely interactive narrative instead of a game, by abusing a Javascript library made for slideshows with maps in them. It works best in Chrome, but should be fine in any reasonably modern browser.

It seems like the map tiles get loaded fairly slowly sometimes, so you might have to wait for a few seconds after each slide. Sorry! :(

-Click the arrows in the left box to progress through the story.
-Red links lead to outside sites which contain Wikipedia articles many varied sources of relevant info. They're 100% optional. Be sure to right-click and open these in a new tab, since they'll open in the game tab otherwise, and you'll have to start over.
-You can drag the map with the mouse to pan it, and use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in/out. If you've used Google Maps, you cool.

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Welcome back! I like this

Welcome back! I like this lots. Also, I might have strange standards, but I wouldn't call this small (if you were even implying that). There's a lot of content... it feels kind of huge to me. Part of that impression could be a side effect of me zooming out so far that the entire world tiles horizontally 8 times, though.

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Yeah, I like this a lot.

Yeah, I like this a lot.

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this is really nice

this is really nice

what could it be?

I'm quite happy with this illusion, and know a decent amount of work went into this just clicking around the odyssey thing, which you've taken something and turned it into something else and gone like full force on it and stuff. It's sort of like when something unrelated here nonsense story i'm about to tell, but this time it's about the inconstant nontimetravel of 3 people.

At certain times it feels rough, other times not so sure, you almost get a feel for the characters with the short dialogue of each segment. You then realize reading the title's important and go click back a few times and read those. Not even sure which order makes more sense, going left or right, giving the control to the viewer in which order to receive information on what's going on. good links, good inspiration. Nice montage on paris. I'd do a game about paris if i haven't so unrecently.

Presentation was good, and zooming in and out on the semidetailed map was a good touch too. and if you want to see it in a different perspective, just switch browsers. It's like a whole new version each time.

This is solid work though. Thanks for sharing. -b

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I wish this link still

I wish this link still worked.

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It should work now! Browsers

It should work now! Browsers started enforcing cross-domain restrictions since I made this, which is good for security but also made this game not work since it requests map data from elsewhere. I fixed it (and a few typos) so it should be good now. It was interesting revisiting it... never did get to teach in Japan, alas!

At some point, the service serving up map data will go down, along with the game, presumably. Not sure how to fix that! But I still think about this game sometimes, and am weirdly proud of it despite the fact that it's a sullen something I dashed off in an afternoon. Anyway, thank you for your interest and apologies for the belated reply!

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Double Belated Thanks

Thanks a ton for filling my request by giving this game its own little website! Ah, I'm so fond of it.