Chaos Theory

I've been fiddling with the text adventure creation system Inform 7 and I decided to make a game for this site. I hope this counts as a trainwreck by your standards, or is at least sufficiently strange or interesting. You can run it with Frotz, downloadable here and also here.

Edit: It should be noted that this was semi-loosely based upon a now-concluded running joke in the comic strip Tom the Dancing Bug (information here, see 'Chaos Butterfly').

Relevant commands:

look (or l)
north (or n)
south (or s)
east (or e)
west (or w)
examine (or x)
take (or get)

Chaos Theory.zip59.91 KB


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Yes! This is much better

Yes! This is much better than Chaos: A Fantasy Adventure Game.

I can't believe I never thought of Inform as a vehicle for trainwreckin'. I wrote some terrible fucking text adventures in my youth, let me tell you.

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Personally I'm waiting for

Personally I'm waiting for some Adventure Game Studio trainwrecks to come along.

Actually, I recently had an

Actually, I recently had an interesting idea for an AGS game. It would be a short, simple game, except for the fact that every sufficiently likely player action, when done for the first time, would trigger a cutaway to a cutscene that would have some connection (however tenuous) to an object, person, place or concept involved in the action that triggered the cutscene. Of course, these cutscenes would be an eclectic bunch, variously taking place in the past, present and/or future.

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For some reason that reminds

For some reason that reminds me a bit of the Inform game "The Space Under The Window". i reviewed that for my site way back,

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How hard is it to actually

How hard is it to actually make something in Inform 7? Everyone rabbits on about how easy it is, but every time I look at source I get a weird "uncanny valley" feeling, and it looks like it's almost english but not close enough to not be totally awkward writing it.

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Quite easy due to its

Quite easy due to its "natural language" way of creating rooms and junk. Like being able to write a description of something close to how you would write one if you were writing an actual book and then the program goes off and creates the things that are related to it without you having to go and define them separately beforehand. And it's actually helpful in telling you about any mistakes you have made. That's basically the gist of it, I haven't really used it extensively to speak of further great features as I don't write lots of IF. I totally should, I could do The Chronicles Of The Warriors Of The Legend Of The Metal Axe. That would be hella sweet.

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yay! i am smarter. well

yay! i am smarter.

well done!