Glorious Trainwrecks Minecraft server

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I made a Minecraft server for traaaiiinnnwreckers (and also friends, and friends of friends). It's just vanilla currently because that's what I'm used to, and I'm more interested in seeing what people create than, say, slaying monsters etc. I am open to mod ideas though.

It's whitelist ONLY so let me know your Minecraft ID, and I'll get you added to the list. For the fastest response, hit me up on twitter ( but I'll definitely keep an eye on this thread.

The IP is, and it's a dedicated server so it should be up ALL THE TIME. If you see Cube_of_Ages on there...that's me! Hooray!

I'm also thinking this thread can be for discussion about what's going on, what you're building, etc. I'd love to see whatever coooool stuff you come up with :D

EDIT: Check out the online map! There are some options in the sidebar to the right, although as of right now the isometric view is still loading.

EDIT: Added the Creative Gates plugin which you can use to create portals for instant travel. The main difference is that it uses Iron blocks, not Emerald blocks. I plan on creating a series of teleports with the name "portal" so feel free to add on to the network!

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Oh geez, Minecraft is $27.

Oh geez, Minecraft is $27. Between that and the 16 million purchases, it's no wonder it was so successful. If I do end up buying this I feel like I'd need to seriously offset it somehow, by donating to or buying things from less successful folks.

I might still get it though, if only because of the prospect of wandering around and building things as a Yoshi.

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I always forget how

I always forget how expensive it is - wish I had an extra copy lying around! Let me know if you do pick it up, we'll build a monument to Yoshi haha

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Gosh. When I bought it it

Gosh. When I bought it it was $10, I guess that was 'pre-release' though.

Anyway, I will probably pop in when I check my Minecraft name.

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Cool! I'm working on mapping

Cool! I'm working on mapping the starting area (there's a village to the East and apparently horses to the North and giant mushrooms somewhere around there as well). There's a farm to the north of the spawn and a communal chest with stuff to make surviving easier (thanks squidlarkin!).

As you can tell I'm pretty excited :D

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Friendly chaps in the village I found.

Sad party in Squid's soon-to-be sky palace.

The view of the spawn area is nice from up here.

A common tree pig.

Pig zone.

Inside Yoshi.

I went adventuring yesterday and this is where I ended up. I got myself un-lost by beginning a new building/s :)

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I died, and got lot again

I died, and got lot again trying to find the last place I got lost. Does that make sense?

Then I looked up and realised I was right near the spawn point.

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This sign is accurate:

This sign is accurate:

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Oh wow haven't seen that

Oh wow haven't seen that yet, haha. Where's it at?

I have some pictures I took, I'll put em up tomorrow probly when I'm back on my home computer. Currently building a castle in the desert.

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It's pretty much right under

It's pretty much right under your house!

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Haven't had a lot of time to

Haven't had a lot of time to play Minecraft recently BUT I am messing around with some plugins. I've got two currently, one will break all the wood in a tree when you cut the bottom block with an axe (i hate chopping wood). The other one will show a healthbar when you look at an enemy (or in my case a chicken)

Any bukkit plugins that you know of, feel free to suggest! I'm still looking for ones that are minor changes that make the game play a little more smoothly.

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That's a neat health bar. Do

That's a neat health bar. Do you think it can be made smaller and/or semitransparent?

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It looks better in action, I

It looks better in action, I promise! I had to get really close to the chicken to get that screenshot, so it looks huge. there are some other options though, it is a bit big haha. I'll look into it :D

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I added an online map with

I added an online map with both a flat perspective and an isometric one. Check it out here: Highlights in the isometric map are the insanely high glass castle by squid and Dattorz' floating sky garden. You should be able to see players if they're in the map too, but I haven't tested that.

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You can! It's pretty

You can!

It's pretty neat, even shows my face and health.

Also it allowed me to re-find the second major building I started.

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Nether highway.

Hey, so I'm going to start making a safe path between the portals in the nether, starting from the one at my mountain place and heading north. Any idea of how in-line they are with each other?

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A couple of them are way

A couple of them are way off, I'm afraid. It's a good idea, though. I'll help if we're on at the same time.

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So, Dattorz and I found an

So, Dattorz and I found an End portal.

Shall we set up a time for everyone to be online and do this thing?

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I have no idea what this

I have no idea what this involves, but if my presence is likely to help rather than hinder, I'll try to be there!

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oh heck yes, though I'm with

oh heck yes, though I'm with Sergio in that never been to The End myself.

Clearly I am the one most qualified to be running this server

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Yeah, I also know nothing

Yeah, I also know nothing about it, but I'd probably come take part.

I think I know what the boss of the end is, but I don't want to spoil anything else for myself or others. We'll probably need lots of arrows though.

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First time for me too.

First time for me too. Perfect. Wouldn't want anyone who knows what they're doing to ruin the party. I skimmed the wiki article. We will want lots of arrows, and decent armor. That we won't mind losing. Should stock up on healing potions, too.

Please add me!

I'm user letoffstudios.

Thanks! I'd like to step in as a major provisioner, making food and stuff. I'd like to learn how to make potions and all that, too.

Never saw The End, though I've scrambled in the Nether plenty of times...

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I'm so sorry this took

I'm so sorry this took forever! I've added you to the whitelist and you can log in now and make as much food as you want :)

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I got tired of having to

I got tired of having to clean out the chicken pit (as it took a while and the sheer number of them was causing sound channels to be interrupted and the server to send way too much network traffic), so I built an emergency stop mechanism, hidden inside a tunnel that only the chickens can get to (so that it doesn't get broken by mistake).


Basically I have a second redstone wire to the dispenser which gets activated when chickens enters the small tunnel. The idea is that once the pit is stuffed, there's no way for the tunnel not to have chickens in it activating the circuit that disables the dispenser. My current design involves using a weighted pressure plate.

The dispenser does get turned off frequently even when the pit isn't full, but it's never off for long enough that the dispenser can't empty itself of eggs.

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my id is SHADESLAYER9213 plz whitelist me

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...You've been a member of

...You've been a member of this site for an entire 11 hours.

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I wonder if its still up

I dont have a pc im just interested