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I made a Minecraft server for traaaiiinnnwreckers (and also friends, and friends of friends). It's just vanilla currently because that's what I'm used to, and I'm more interested in seeing what people create than, say, slaying monsters etc. I am open to mod ideas though.

It's whitelist ONLY so let me know your Minecraft ID, and I'll get you added to the list. For the fastest response, hit me up on twitter ( but I'll definitely keep an eye on this thread.

The IP is, and it's a dedicated server so it should be up ALL THE TIME. If you see Cube_of_Ages on there...that's me! Hooray!

I'm also thinking this thread can be for discussion about what's going on, what you're building, etc. I'd love to see whatever coooool stuff you come up with :D

EDIT: Check out the online map! There are some options in the sidebar to the right, although as of right now the isometric view is still loading.