drumming up support?

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so how do want to promote this?
We should at least do a thread on Gamers Quarter...
I emailed a bunch of people a few weeks ago, I'll probably send something out a few days before.
We now have the KotM and KNP FAQ pages, so I think that might help ease the transition, esp. for latecomers who missed the glory of the 100 in 1 (or maybe I overestimate it, because that's when I first started noticing the site..)

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maybe start a tigsource

maybe start a tigsource thread, a few days before the KotM is scheduled to occur, and draw attention to the pirate kart.

I could make a post about it

I could make a post about it on Quarter to 3 too. Some people on there would probably be interested.

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Cossix, glad to see you

Cossix, glad to see you getting into the spirit of this.

(If you're so inclined, get yourself an avatar for that helpful visual hook. Also, if you think of something you think the FAQs should talk more about, please let me know, and/or feel free to edit yourself, that's why they're all wiki-fied.)

Heh, one of the hidden advantages to recruiting a bit is finding out about new sites. Like mojofltr introduced me to "The Daily Click". I see kind of what "Quarter to 3" ism but what are its main focuses (focii?) and how's the community there?

Currently my main haunts (other than cheerleader for this place) have been AtariAge (less so as of late) and the forums at Gamers Quarter...