my shadow is a killing thing

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In this game your shadow kills everything it touches. That sure would suck if it actually happened to you, right?

Amazingly I didn't tack a vaguely depressing "YOU KILLED ALL THE BUGS THEY WERE YOUR FRIENDS" ending onto this one.

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Pirate Kart 2


Nice idea! XD Also, that

Nice idea! XD Also, that sprite is terrifying - what's with the crop-top?

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I really don't know about the crop-top. The main character is Klik 'n' Play library art... a lot of the KNP library stuff gives me a 'what were they thinking' vibe.

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great idea with the shadow getting shorter...challenging!

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...Both my mother and my aunt (who rarely plays games and is generally bad at them) consistently beat my high scores in this. :<

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I remember that episode! It

I remember that episode! It had they guy from Monk and he ate some dark matters or something.

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I had no idea what you're

I had no idea what you're talking about.

...However, I was determined/obsessive enough to scour the Internet for answers. I guess you're talking about this episode of The X-Files? Never saw it, but the resemblance is uncanny.