The Ridiculous Game Ideas Thread

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This is a thread for discussing game ideas, asking for help when you run into design problems, or throwing out brilliant ideas that you can't work into your game.

Here's some stuff I'm thinking of incorporating:

  1. Randomized enemies based on Google Image Search results
  2. Sprites that are photographs of my posed stuffed animals (A stuffed octopus vs. T-Rex puppet game seems like such a grand idea)
  3. Tentacle physics

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Wikipedia suggests that they are INVINCIBLE.

Peep-based combat?

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Peep Jousting would be

Peep Jousting would be really easy to program, and really, really boring as a videogame.

For some reason, whenever I think about controlling virtual Peeps, the only image that comes to mind is the Pokey the Penguin platform game, Mutton Kombat: Gamma. Apparently this game has disappeared from the internet entirely, but it was not good. I have no idea why there is an association about this in my mind.

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Insult-based combat!

Insult-based combat!

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I'm curious, now -- how

I'm curious, now -- how would you do it in a way that hasn't already been beaten to death by the Monkey Island sequels?

("I would do it in exactly the same way that my 12-year-old self would have, which is to rip the mechanic off wholesale, but make it much worse in the process because I am no Orson Scott Card" is an acceptable answer.)

In the process of confirming that Orson Scott Card wrote the insults, I discovered that indie adventure game The Shivah has a scene with two Rabbis engaged in insult-based combat. Damn! That guy is getting my $5 TONIGHT.

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Though I'm aware of them,

Though I'm aware of them, I've never actually played any of the Monkey Island games. The only games I remember from that era were Manic Mansion and Sam and Max.

Which gives me an idea: insult-crafting. Assemble insults from found items. Dredge up embarrassing events on your opponent and use it against them. Combine hidden phobias and former social failings with a British Wit Upgrade or something.

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Huh! How curious. If you

Huh! How curious. If you weren't aware of the mechanic beforehand, Wikipedia provides a decent summary of insult swordfighting, with a cute link to a full list of insults from the Monkey Island games.

Your idea sounds cruel and technically difficult, but of course neither of those things should stop you! Your description kind of makes me imagine "An Argument With My Psycho Ex-Girlfriend*: The Videogame".

* I do not have a psycho ex-girlfriend.

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Computer dumb

To be frank, I don't know a damn thing about coding. I've come here primarily because I love off-the-wall stuff like this.

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Aw, shucks, mister, you

Aw, shucks, mister, you don't need to know nothin' 'bout coding to make a gloriously ridiculous videogame! Hell, Klik and Play monstrosities are practically preferred 'round these parts, and Klik & Play is totally free.

(Not to be pushy, of course! Even if you don't want to take that plunge, you are still totally welcome to stick around, make suggestions, contribute ideas and generally talk trainwreck. But Klik & Play is crazy fun!)


Excellent!!! !

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I don't get it.

I mean, you're obviously a spambot, but you've posted no links! Not in your profile, not in your posting. How am I supposed to buy your product? I WANT TEN OF WHATEVER YOU'RE SELLING.

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Odin help me,

one of these days I will make the most annoying platformer ever which will be about exploring a vault full robots, aliens, possibly skeletons and a dragon as you hunt for secret Nazi gold. All in two colours. Maybe I could chuck in time travel, if it's something more games these days need it's time travel. Time travel rules.

Maybe the next KotMK...