KotM; KNP or Java Processing? YOU DECIDE!

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So i know I spent way too much time whinging about being the only guy not writing stuff in KNP for the Pirate Kart, but still I'd like to ask the (ir)regulars here: assuming I can get to a computer in time for this weekend's KotM, should I do something in Java Processing or Klik N Play?

Both have their pros and cons. I can do more and more interesting stuff in Java, though I haven't yet worked up getting the sound libraries going. KNP is more in the spirit of what everyone's doing, and I'm more like to get the abuse of clip art and sounds going.

(at some point, I'd like to get into trying to build engines more than games. I guess I'm more of a Carmack than a Romero, if you know what I mean, or at least aspire to that.)


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The solution is simple: make

The solution is simple: make them fight each other!

I have attached a java Choose class (not Processing.org, but close enough), and a klik & play game, which each spit out a random choice.

Just run them repeatedly and simultaneously until they both agree on what you should use

choose.zip37.29 KB
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Your Choose class has no

Your Choose class has no main function to run it with standalone and you didn't include the source :(

Otherwise brilliant.

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Huh? "java Choose" doesn't

Huh? "java Choose" doesn't work? wierd. Well here it is with the source included.

choose.zip37.61 KB
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Cool, I have to check it

Cool, I have to check it out, or maybe make my own version of rock paper scissors. I kind of like the idea of them fighting for themselves, rather than waiting 'til they agree...

brill idea tho

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Oh, wait, I'm an idiot.

Oh, wait, I'm an idiot. Yes, it works.