Blipp in: Power Panic!

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Run in DOSBox, with cycles set to 16000.

This was a game I made to see how well RSD Game-Maker was suited toward something like Chip's Challenge. Right now it includes six levels. I might add more if I can think of any new ideas.

I was hoping to get some other mechanics in. Block pushing seems nigh-impossible in Game-Maker. I also wanted to include a mop or some similar item to allow the player to cross hazardous tiles. What is there is implemented pretty elegantly, I think, except for the purple starting tunnel that removes your batteries and keys at the start, since Game-Maker doesn't reset the counters for you.

If there's one thing that really bothers me, it's Game-Maker's camera. It doesn't start scrolling until you're close to the edge. Combined with the fact that monsters stop rendering when they're even close to the window edge, this means it can be hard to keep track of where those crocodile bots are. You kinda have to fight with the camera to see what's going on. I'd prefer something that always kept the character in the center of the screen, perhaps with faster camera movement too.

Levels 3 and 6 are somewhat based off of LESSON 8 and DIGGER from the original Chip's Challenge.

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Hey, nice job. This feels

Hey, nice job. This feels pretty solid and the graphics are lovely.

I actually quite like Game-Maker's camera, but see how it doesn't suit this game. I think you mostly did a good job of allowing for it in the level design though, except for a nasty spot in the ice+poison stage (where you're shot up, after getting the red key). And I guess the last stage struggles with it too, but it never caught me out.