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a 2 player zzt arcade game.
Run the other player into your trail or even their own!

DOWN: green player rotate left
UP: green player rotate right
LEFT: red player rotate left
RIGHT: red player rotate right

No spamming keys. That's cheating.

Reload the world to play again.

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An event


An exemplar ZZTV entry.

Thanks Lynx! A couple of boards like this is ideal, folks. Though I have no objections publishing here on GT, the ZZTV11 back-end is preferred.

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Let me know if you got the submission through ZZtv's site as well. I've also noticed that key presses are faster on an older machine than through dosbox. Has anyone else?

Got it. Love it!

BTW, what's your channel name? Also, the title screen requires a player. Would you like me to tweak it or do you have something in mind?

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Thx for your help

I may do some more when I get an older machine. Until then I just am not a fan of using dosbox so tweak away. Thx

Regarding game speed:

Dosbox runs like crap for me ever since I got a 64-bit machine. I'll be sure to test it out in real MS-DOS mode once my 16-bit components arrive. So #LightCycles okay?

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That's great thanks for keeping the community alive!