Have beaten Teh Forum Game & about Mr. Cat and its future

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What's up people?!

Today i just beaten Teh Forum Game without closing the game and beating in one single setting, and that was fast, due to mashing keys, concentration with my brother going out to play his ball and glorious skills. Before i beaten this game, i was stuck at the 1st Half of the 7th Level, due that i accidentaly avoided the notes all the time, but now, i had to never avoid, and so i beaten level 7...oh the joy. In the end, i have beaten all levels and shockingly saw the ending, i felt so happy that he was free from the scientists. TOTY. Trainwreck of the Year.
In the Extras there was nothing more but just a image gallery and a boring bonus level that i didn't interested right now to play a megaman-esque game. Anyways, you can see above the screenshot showing the stage select screen after beating the game (sorry if i spoiled)

And now onto Mr. Cat's future.
Yes, the setting for Mr. Cat III will be THE SAME THAN THE REST OF THE MR. CAT SERIES, because the game is going to have suckish grammar like always but with intense action, even more glorious levels, etc. And there may have more bad antagonists and not just only ONE (Like Arthur from Mr. Cat 1 or Sanic from Mr. Cat 2), but more, more and more, along with a evil organization that will appear in this upcoming 3rd chapter of the Mr. Cat trilogy. Btw, Mr. Cat's Scary Halloween Holiday isn't part of the trilogy, it's just a short spin-off with only 5 levels and few bosses. And yes, if you believe that he was JUSTICE MUSTACHE, probably, it's because i was addicted of Smedis2's games and that's why i wanted more fun based on that. Anyways, i don't have ideas for more games i should do but i can just listen to music i might put for the 3rd chapter of Mr. Cat.