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This is a sequel to the other Snowing game. This one is more than just one room.

WASD for movement
Space = doors and talking
Tab= refresh level
Esc = refresh game (which will be needed if you get stuck in a corner so to speak)

I hope you enjoy it!

Edit: I just uploaded a new one with a few bugs and goofs that I made fixed. 1-8 endings are now accessible! Thanks Dattorz!

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This game has true KNP

This game has true KNP spirit.

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Each board is a stretched

Each board is a stretched microgame nightmare.

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Thanks for playing! I hope

Thanks for playing! I hope to sustain the spirit and nightmare. 8-)

That was off the chain WOO

This was just FUN, i mean, Ffloooaeeear fun... You could just FLOOR it and it would give you so much fun points you souldn't know what to to with it,l but it was alwso so arrraedrard. What so there's mustalatiple ways to do stuff? does that make you sooo happy? it does for me. There's so much fetching fun here that it gives you the joy that you could experience if you weren't joying the joyousness, but you know...

The idea of it is a fun funness. I had the funs with it. People could enjoy it. I like it because it's not just enjoyable, but an experience worth a generation of joy. Like you see it and you feel ultimately compelled or something. I dunno. I was drawn in by the use of that haunted track on the first frame.. It's always been spooky to me even from the original sauce.. Maybe that's why i kept at it.. That corridor snog frame was really tough too. I don't know who's played the sequel first like me, but when we're all brave we should check out the farst game like I hear it's over here !! I'm totally not ready for it yet.. let me know what you guys are and i'll go over there with you and stuff.. Take care and congrrrrraaatualtaionts on a solid release. I am looking up and seeing tons of red underline squigglies but I should leave them in there for posterity. Take care. -ghettowhateverseasonalnamei'musing