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I have too much stuff on my website and I'll try to "migrate" some of the videogames here.

This is a game I made on the 12th of August, 2013. Here is the description I wrote then :

Disclaimer: this game is bad.

Moïra is my entry for #GPCv19 on the theme “Inheritance and perspective”.
I had to do everything in 3 days in order to meet the competition deadline, something both exciting and challenging (it was my first non-twine project). So the main challenge for me was actually to learn how to build a game in this short span of time.
The result is far from perfect.
I may do something of this prototype some day.
[edit January 2014] Apparently, nobody really played this game, because it was horribly broken. I’ve made an installer and it’s supposed to work fine now.

Pierre Chevalier
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It's good to know that I'm a

It's good to know that I'm a good son.

congrats :)

congrats :)

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It really communicated a

It really communicated a reverance for woodcut-era adage. I felt like I was walking through some cathedral halls somewhere in Western Europe and getting a sense that it's all been done before; I'm just a contemporary peon.

ho hey! thank you ! are you

ho hey! thank you ! are you Clyde the comment poster from warpdoor?

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Yup. I'm branchjing out ;)

Yup. I'm branchjing out ;)