We need a new front page manifesto

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Inspired by this and also by a recent Twitter discussion.

I think this place has evolved quite a bit since the early days. We used to be more specifically about throwing games together in Klik & Play, but now it's kinda grown into this inclusive place where folks can share their games and not worry about being put down for it unlike the toxic communities elsewhere.

At the very least we should remove the parts about gusto and games having to be finished, but ideally it should be rewritten. It should still be evocative of the hobbyist, personal game making of the 90's, I think, but with a renewed focus on being inclusive. What do you folks think?

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Yah I definitely agree!!

Yah I definitely agree!!

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Sounds like a great idea! 8-)

Sounds like a great idea! 8-)

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I agree completely. It's

I agree completely.

It's been really eye-opening to listen to you guys talk about your initial perceptions of the community, especially lately now that I've been less active. I'm really happy to see the community find its own voice. If you folks write a new manifesto that better reflects our shared values and goals, I'm happy to replace the old one. (I don't know that I should be the one to write it.)