drawraffever version 2

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I added extra controls directions transparency (not sure if working right) and a music slidebar. Giraffe thing is more complete. Also an html and it centers. Basically a giraffe-themed kidpix ripoff. Credits to them and Effbee for the idea.

Here's the sauce for those mmf 2.5vers out there, for the leaning experience

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Giraffes are maybe one of my

Giraffes are maybe one of my favorite animals. My ex-girlfriend once gave me a bunch of giraffe stuff from a zoo she worked at I think or maybe some other zoo or maybe somewhere else, I don't remember. I can't figure out if the numbers mean anything in the game. This game is hard if there are any objectives.

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I had a lot of fun loosely

I had a lot of fun loosely painting animations once I lowered the framerate a bunch.


i could draw with giraffes, of giraffes, forever

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I enjoyed filling the screen

I enjoyed filling the screen with a dense mass of writhing giraffe-forms. Made myself a bit nauseous to be honest!

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