Mini cannon in the office

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we always feared that in the end computers and ai will turn on us and wipe out humanity

and now they plan apparently is to pretend to be savvy business woman and sell us miniature cannons

(presumably so we wipe out each other in unfortunate office accidents)

well i guess they are slowly working they way up to bigger stuff or something

until then here is a game about it..

No One Can Stop the Sword Phonics
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An event


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I enjoyed shooting the

I enjoyed shooting the things!

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At first I didn't realize

At first I didn't realize that the door exited at the portal. The first time I shot a cannon-ball through it I had one of those moments where you are shooting straw-wrappers at the person across the table in the diner with you and they duck and it goes over the divider and you both put your heads down, giggle and hope no one comes to tell you that you have to leave.


there was actually a second one but i guess it got caught

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This is fun! I like how you

This is fun! I like how you have to activate the additional spawn points in order to progress. I'd love to see this game idea fleshed out a little more.