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So yeah, it's almost been an entire year of me working on this game (not consistently, but off and on working on this game) and the end feels very far away. My goal of this game was originally to make a game in a week which happened, but it kept getting more and more complicated and more and more a representation of real life in a way which makes it very difficult to work on. I want to have more than GTA/Final Fantasy/Legend of Zelda level of attention to detail in this sort of narrative and exploration driven action adventure game.

The game takes place in my home town and in my neighborhood and surrounding areas and you can explore every house and business. I feel like I should have a lot of modular areas, but I'm not letting myself do that.

Yeah, so what do you think of these screenshots? and how would you go about making this game? and have you ever worked on a game for this long or with the level of detail that this game has?

I feel like most games with this level of scale made by one person never get finished.

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I'm afraid I don't have any

I'm afraid I don't have any advice, but I like the look/sound of it a lot and will be looking forward to it. It reminds me a little of Poor Thing!

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Those screenshots are

Those screenshots are beautiful.

I've still never got to the end of a project this large, though there are several I still consider ungoing, and that get a little work every now and then.

I dunno, don't worry about how long it takes. It'll probably stay in the back of your mind, new ideas will appear and it will evolve over time. Most games made over several years don't show the time it took to make them in any way other than in amount of content. If you allow it to show that time and how it changed it would be great, and appropriate for a game about a relationship to a place.

I like the sound of modular areas (maybe having different ways with interacting and navigating different parts?)

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Oh yes, different areas and

Oh yes, different areas and objects will be interactive in different ways. So far when you are in houses it will mostly be platforming kind of and outside will be mostly top down similar to Zelda II or something. There will also be a bunch of interactive objects, arcade games, short computer games, and a make your own pizza maker.

I was thinking of making half of the game in KnP and then the other half in MMF2 and when I'm doing graphics in MMF2 I'm just going to use MS Paint more modeled jpeged look that I've been doing recently and Photoshop. How do you mean show time and how it changed it? I feel like over the years my style and skill will just change and it will look different in that sense.

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This is super cool! what an

This is super cool! what an undertaking :)