13 Days of Halloween

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Sat, Oct 18 2014 08:00 PM
10/18/2014 - 20:00
10/31/2014 - 20:00


Just kidding, let us make some scary games! We'll get 13 spooky days to make them and you got to turn them in before Trick Or Treat time so then when Trick or Treaters come to Glorious Trainwrecks they (and we) can play all these treats on Halloween Day!

That sounds great!

On the 18th the jam theme will be chosen so you can get started then. Whoever wants to participate post the spookiest thing you can think of in the comments and then on the 18th I'll mix up all the suggestions for a spooky grab bag of themes!

Remember to get on that IRC!

Unfamiliar places like in Sonic CD
Clown in the window
becoming a monster
sounds in the dark
unnatural movement
existential realization

If you didn't sign up, just pick some of the suggestions and join in!
You can mix and match them if you want! These can just be a jumping off point.

Games made for 13 Days of Halloween

NameCreatedsort iconByScreenshotComments
thanksgivingame?!11/27/2014 - 22:36ihavefivehatscreenshot.jpg11
YouLostTheKeysToTheHouse ButYouAreInJail10/31/2014 - 16:17everythingstakenHalloween2013.jpg12
Premonition10/31/2014 - 09:19LynxPTitle.jpg2
Key To Your House10/31/2014 - 08:06clydescreenshot.png3
Yoshi's Whaley World10/29/2014 - 18:40DanniYoshisWhaleyWorld.png6
Floral Exile10/25/2014 - 01:30xglitterfy4032439455B81.gif9
Meteor Stroll10/19/2014 - 17:28mutantlegmeteorstrollshots.jpg7


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So are you going to mix up

So are you going to mix up the submissions and give people different combinations of spooky things? I am not clear on this but totally down to make one or two.

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yeah! you get it 8-)

yeah! you get it 8-)

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I think that three sharp

I think that three sharp knocks on the door is spooky. Especially when I open it and see no one there, sit down and then hear it again.

One time I was watching this video with headphones on (actually this happens everytime I watch this video with headphones on) and I heard a knock on the door right before the bumper-car part. I checked the door, no one was there, sat back down, listened to the video and heard the knock again. It was spooky.

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The spookiest thing I can

The spookiest thing I can think of is becoming a monster.

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Are we allowed to make

Are we allowed to make assets early?

Edit: As for spooky things, I like strange, unfamiliar places.

Edit 2: Examples of the kinds of spooky locations I'm referring to:

- The abandoned mine in the original Knytt
- Most of the Sonic CD bad futures
- The dead tree in Monster Party
- Anna Anthropy's "a maze with a ghost"
- Some of the locations in the Fred's Exciting Adventure games

Not sure if it counts as

Not sure if it counts as spooky and it's not really halloween themed, but here is the thing: i am afraid of whales
and im absolutely terrified of this thing: http://www.wdcs.co.uk/media/flash/whalebanner/content_pub_en.html

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I must not have actually

I must not have actually clicked that link before. I find this so scary it sends shivers down my spine.

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Hearing mysterious and

Hearing mysterious and spooky sounds while stumbling around in the dark is pretty scary!

If that's too specific then just mysterious sounds/noises.

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I got one.This one

I got one.

This one actually happened to me. It's ok if you don't believe me. Me a two of my friends were walking down a street in a wealthy residential area of New Orleans. It was dusk, so you could easily see into people's houses if they had a light on and no curtains or blinds. So we are walking to a cafe and one of my friends stops and I just keep walking. Then my other friend is like "What is it?" and goes back to look at what the friend who stopped is looking at. I wait for 30 seconds or so uninterested in investigating. "Clyde, come look at this." One of them says, so I go over to where they are standing in the street and looking into a large window. I look in the window and at first I see nothing. It's just like a small living room with a counter-top bar and normal furnishings. Then I see a circus-clown in full clown-suit and makeup looking straight at us, sitting at the bar. My friend says "Is that a real person or a mannequin?" and I stare at it trying to figure it out, but then it occurs to me that it might be a real person and I got so freaked out that I involuntarily started walking away. My friends followed. So of course we begin talking about how weird it was that there was a mannequin or possibly a clown dressed up and staring out the window of that house. So as we are talking about it one of my friends says something like "Maybe they work for a circus." My other friends responds with "The circus?! Circus clowns don't look like that!" And the two of us were like "Sure they do: white face, red large lips, big eyes, poka-dotted baggy suit. The third friend is like "What are you talking about, I saw a woman with long black hair with tape over her mouth." The two of us who saw the clown were like "What??! We saw a clown." Third friend explains that she didn't see a circus-clown, she thought we were talking about the woman with tape over her mouth because she had a lot of black eye make-up or something. It was super creepy.
I walked back by there a few days later, I looked in and didn't see any mannequins.

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I am scared of existence not

I am scared of existence not being real or whatever that is, like existential thoughts.

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Spooky tidings

The thing that freaks me out the most (and that also could be interesting for a game) is unnatural movement. You know how in spooky movies they'll speed up footage of people moving strangely, or run it backwards. Like that scene from house on haunted hill through the security camera of the guy walking weirdly. Also connected to things that close the distance between you and them too quickly, or that have changed their position or style of movement after having briefly been obscured or having left the frame.

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Speaking of unnatural movement

The other night I tried to play Darkplaces with realtime world lighting turned on and it was kinda terrifying. Close-by light sources and fast moving objects create some pretty scary shadows. It's even creepier when you turn off the model animation interpolation and look down at your player model shadow.

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Here are a couple of videos

Here are a couple of videos I'd appreciate your opinion on:



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I'm surprised how spooky

I'm surprised how spooky that first one was.

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I notice that I may have

I notice that I may have been assigned as snapman's theme in error (in addition to existential realization). However, I support this, and encourage snapman to try and find the horror in me if he wishes.

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I was having an existential realization while making that list.

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I'm in

Existential realization and sounds in the dark will be my bread'n'butter. I'll try to throw in a few others though. Really looking forward to all the submissions!

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I'm excited that you're

I'm excited that you're making something!! <3

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ok, I am tentatively in.

ok, I am tentatively in. Gonna make something on horror night itself (I know that is too late), but I don't think I have time to smash out something right now unfortunately. Got a few ideas tho :) [also, I gotta trainwreck so bad, my soul needs it]

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Our spooky souls need it too! I'm looking forward to seeing your game!

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Well, it looks like I'm not

Well, it looks like I'm not going to finish in time, so please settle for this crappy promotional screenshot for now.