Well hey there

I've just signed up for Glorious Trainwrecks because I feel like maybe I should actually make video games instead of just saying I'm going to. Hello!

I sat down today with no ideas and no clue as to what Klik and Play can do (because I'd never used it before) and came away with SPACE BURGLARS, a game about protecting your stolen nazi gold from swarms of burglars that want it back. It's probably not very good!

I have a much much better idea of what I can do with this thing now, so I think next month my project should be a lot better! Hopefully!

I'm also going to be starting work on a for serious independent game at some point in the near future (possibly starting it for January's VIDEO GAME BAKEDOWN), and maybe I'll post about it here because since it's one of my first real efforts at making a full game it will probably wind up being terrible!

I've done some development stuff in the past, but it was all modification work. I made a couple models for a Half-Life mod called Science and Industry (not the textures though, just the meshes, UV Mapping, and animations), and I made a mutator for UT2k4 called TeamRadar that added your team to the minimap in Onslaught as well as a bunch of other stuff(It wound up garnering an honorable mention in the Make Something Unreal competition, but I think if you entered you got an honorable mention) and a UT2k4 gametype that was a clone of Rocket vs. Rail.

So yeah, hi.


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Hullo! SUPER GLAD TO HAVE YOU ABOARD. I'm especially delighted to hear that you think of this humble li'l site as a place to go to actually make videogames rather than just talking about it. There's, like, nowhere else on the internet where that happens!

I'd like for Glorious Trainwrecks to be involved in the Super Game Bakedown somehow. I failed pretty miserably last year!