You are a Fireball

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Thought I should add this game I made for the 'Spells' pageant.

It has a single-player mode, and a split-screen two-player mode.

Level layouts are randomish. Maybe backspace or escape resets. I removed scores tallies and other such things to make the fireball simularion more accurate.

Made For: 
An event


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It seems absurd to imagine

It seems absurd to imagine ever managing to "win", much less finish, a bout of fireball launching. But I'm confident that assuming a right to be able to do so would be missing the more interesting (?) point of exploring a castle rendered (as you often do!) in a one-way mirror-style texture collection. What the game imparts on me is a new, nuanced look at the overspun idea of incredibly powerful wizards in generic fantasy settings: here we have two wizards stuck in a terrifying battle to the death amid a hellhole maze of the idea of a castle. And only after this has happened does the player come in, meekly controlling the wiz's painfully slow, meandering, (and breathing?) fireballs, struggling to make enough sense of the vast space to get a clue to where the other wizard resides. But hitting any target other than your own caster seems undoable...

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Do the two wizards ever get

Do the two wizards ever get as close as they are in the screen shot, because otherwise this game seems impossible! I never even saw the other wizard in the game at all. I'll post another comment when I find him.