Pipe and Drapes

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Well, I did that.

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This is really good music!

This is really good music!

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Horrifyingly accurate to the

Horrifyingly accurate to the experience of shopping for furniture.

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this is a really good

this is a really good spambot game!!

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I think that if I tied to

I think that if I tied progression of the text into movement of the curtain-assembly animation to specific places, the game would be much more expressive. Yesterday I wondered why I didn't do that and I don't think the reason is that I didn't have enough time. What I'm going to try to do in the future is always write my main method() that determines game-progress to take an argument. Basically, I want to require more from the player than a mouse-click. By habitually writing an argument into the method, I think it'll encourage me to implement a condotional; for instance, how fast the most clicks are, where the mouse is clicked, how long the mouse-button is held down.

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Just found out that the text

Just found out that the text doesn't show up in the browser version. It's still not a game I'm happy with, but I thought it would be worth mentioning here.