Halloween Bounce House

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You may want to lower your volume before playing this game, as many sound effects will play simultaneously. Move your ghost around with the left and right arrow keys, avoiding the reproducing vampires until there are enough of them to cause a massive chain reaction of bounciness and chaos. Can you max out the score?

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It's a pretty satisfying

It's a pretty satisfying pay-off when I manage to get a bunch of vampires on the screen. I also love the colors and arrangement. I feel like I'm in an interesting place.


i'm happy with that. This one posted at a lot of fun.. I dind't even know there was input at first, just that one click, then to my surprise the movement's semi-racecar like and i love racecar movement. for a ghost monster it makes sense. And done in teh fuusion, nice work.

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Watching the vampires bounce

Watching the vampires bounce around is pretty fun. I wish the keyboard control to restart was more intuitive (I have to hit Tab and then Space, and this doesn't work at times).

My current high score is 424,769,160. What determines scoring? It seems like I get far, far more points if I let the vampires duplicate enough.

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Scoring is calculated by

Scoring is calculated by multiplying the velocities of two colliding vampires each time they collide and adding that to the score. Since many, many more collisions will happen when there are twice as many vampires, you naturally get many more points.

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When I played this I asked

When I played this I asked to myself, was this made by the same person of the last game that I played with this background, and it was. You have a distinct style!