Exoptable Money

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Once, on a quiet sunday evening, you found a magical box that makes money. You take it home and decide to get richer and richer, with no end in sight. But you are not the only one who enjoys having money...

-Money, money, money, money, money
-New friends to have fun with
-Distinct personalities
-NOT cookie clicker and/or little inferno
-Beautiful soundtrack
-A cute fluffy cat

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An event


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I liked the sudden descent into absurdity, and especially enjoyed seeing the unholy mess spurting from my machine towards the end of the game. The ending was a funny non-payoff too.

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Wow. I wasn't expecting that

Wow. I wasn't expecting that progression...

Also, ya should probably put a violence warning on this b/c it might come as too much of a surprise. Also also, what I presume to be save / load buttons seem to do nothing? I thought about that being some kinda meta-joke I wasn't getting, but I don't think it is.

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The saving/loading thing

The saving/loading thing only works when you open the game as an admin, I have no idea why.

And as for warning people about the violence, I can't help but feel like it would ruin the surprise a little. I really really enjoy surprising people with random violence in games lol (as long as its not too too horrible)

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I strongly urge you to

I strongly urge you to reconsider. When it comes to this kind of content, it's important that people know what they're getting into. Some folks might object to this kind of thing.

If they didn't before

They do now.

Hey, this one was great

I posted a tubed video of my first playthrough of it uhh here

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN9q4VXHxxA .

I'd have to say it was wonderful playing to the end. I did get to the tin can part.

And that's how you yell firrrrrrrrst

Great work here. Yeah, I think overall the game paced pretty nicely. There was kind of a flow that endlessly seeped in there, I stopped the vid cuz I felt the rest had to be experienced first-hand, but it was overall enjoyable and a good reference point for stfuff. The cat was probably the most entertaining. Looking for money for you, and I think I watched another vid playthrough of this style and was why I stopped it. Meant to be the experienced.

In case anything happens to the audio in the video, I've documented it via subtitles in the attachment below:

Exoptable.txt6.44 KB
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Did you get a copyright

Did you get a copyright strike on the music? The only reason I used even used that music in the end was because I thought that this would be the last game that anyone would make a video of haha

I did not

But the autochecker acknowledged that the music was familiar. Kind of a bold movie since it's the music played during the funeral of queen Mary and is in the 100s + years old. and i acknowledged it. I figured since the author of the game theoretically already checked out the video, i did the comedic audio swap.

I just figure I've been uploading files to the tubes so rapidly that I'd stay on the good side just in case, I don't want to need a phone to verify I'm not a robot like the last time it asked. I have no phone. Also your response to the upload was almost lightning since at the time uploaded i shared with nobody else. very dynamic. great work.

You and me both

I stopped the video early when recording thinking "why would people make a video of this in the first place when they could just play it and experience it for themselves?" and whatnot. Then uhh, the unexpected happened. I reverted original audio. I liked the game a lot as well as the sequel. I didn't expect all this though. Or that so many people sat through the whole game in a video. Maybe it's the company people like.. I suppose it's good that everyone else is searching through the deeper meaning for the series.

See if you can redirect them to find the meaning behind the Professor. I mean, Dr. Money is cool and all and I've seen the writeups of him on various sites like TVT records rope page, but I'm not sure in the first 2 games if he has the same glint in his eye when solving things that Prof EagleEye has. Then again, I guess the angle is you don't really see the people or something.

Reading through the comments is entertaining though. Once again, solid work

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yeah, I think yer level of

yeah, I think yer level of what's not 'too horrible' is different than what a lot of people might think? random violence / other shock surprises aren't really clever when they just end up making people uncomfortable.

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I've already put up a disclaimer thing people because I'm the most amazingly nice person in the world

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Oh my mistake... I've been

Oh my mistake... I've been very slow in replying to stuff on GT :X (as you can see now)