Meteor Stroll

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Theme: sounds in the dark

You walk around and .. stuff
trying to find a meteor that
has crashed in the woods
something like that

(also twist ending)

(note: submitting early because
no idea if ill have time later)

someone not into large sea creatures
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This is pretty cool... I

This is pretty cool... I like the ambience. I wish it wasn't so easy to end up going in loops, though. I couldn't figure out much of where to go in like 15 minutes of wandering. I'll give it another shot later :o

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I kinda noticed some key

I kinda noticed some key objects, but I couldn't really navigate it or find anything other than that room area and several spooky gated off creatures. I played for about 15 minutes too and will give an update after I've played some more.

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This has great

This has great atmosphere/audio! I like the copious amounts of black and general lack of visibility. I also wasn't able to find an ending though, will try again later.

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I'm still playing, but it's

I'm still playing, but it's driving me nuts that I can't remember where that recurring gooey-blobby sound effect comes from D:

I haven't played a first-person game with these controls is ages (keys to move, mouse to use cursor), and I'm enjoying that.

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I finished it~~~~~~

That was good.

I like that I feel like I never really understood the layout of the space, and would often question if I were somewhere new or old. Combined with the fast movement I felt like I was in some dream where I was frantically searching for something though I didn't know what it was. The destructible spiderwebs gave me enough of a guide, I think. And also signified the world as somewhere private / unpeopled. The times I found myself obviously somewhere I had been before (like the room with the carpet, or the starting spot) I actually enjoyed!

Perhaps I'm reading one of the graphics wrong, but I think people would appreciate a suicide-specfic trigger warning. That particular sprite, locked out of reach, is a very strong and affecting image. It certainly made me pause.

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I thought that sprite was a Yoshi...

sweet engine

flash player.. hwat it be in?