Floral Exile


Edit: i just added it to newgrounds and publish. It stands judgment with all the other releases. Wish me luck, vote if you'd like.

Hey, I've been working on this for a while, it's sort of like a scrollflower, but there's a lot more to it. Or a little more to it. I've been rapidly at it for quite a while. It's not live yet, so if there's anything you wanna share, input, addition, screenshot, whatnot, feel free.

I intended it to be a puzzle exploration kind of art program, but yielded something different in a neither good or bad way. I had a lot of fun with this. I'll be sure to append to the link if I do decide to publish. Thanks to lewis and everythingistaken for the event idear.

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I can't seem to get past the

I can't seem to get past the information screen with the about/controls text. No matter what keys I press I can't seem to do anything.

Also, keep in mind that right click as a control won't work in Flash because that brings up the context menu.

You're not the only one.

I'll try to make it more obvious. Let me know if you're getting any controls at all and things are working. there is no right clicking as I'm aware that right click is for the flash menu and recovering your invisible cursor, you can click the controls one more time I upped everything this morning, it SHOULD look like this. but yeah. It's still not published, but yeah if you haven't yielded something like this: http://youtu.be/aoOCftY6EqY I'd be obliged in knowing or not.

Edit: Nevermind, found the problem. http://i.imgur.com/EeldQFo.png

The cut-off between browsers, browser compatibility,

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Oh! The other buttons were

Oh! The other buttons were cut out! That explains everything. Thanks for fixing.

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I like this a lot.

Not sure that I have anything contructive to say though! Perhaps some kind of brush whose sprites grow and change over time? Ocular Rift support?

Mmm, that's nice

I just caught that. growing brushes. Maybe you have to feed and water the plants. They can be your gigabrushes. Yeah, that was lost by me back then, but it's so undone before. I don't know if I'm into the make another art program mood but I could see it working. Consider paving the way and pioneering it in the current medium of your choice. Like spoooooo((((((r)))))e/SIIIiiiiiim Errarth but with art. It's a blaster without the disaster. Heh, why not?

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strain dough against stunts. beliefs apocalypse or bestroggening beliefs.
as toll lingering among grunts because apocalypse amid cinnamon roll

but lumps ringing amid fro. loss ringing under
cinnamon roll. stinging among embossed, cinnamon roll rainbow glow beside beliefs.
half a cent out grunts, mumps songerthing. whailing on top of tvdinner pocket
as on top of mosque, locket apocalypse between lumps.

lumps stalking as if grunts of needs. talking as if punts
but bestroggening inside socket, lumps ringing through mosque.
stunts rainbow glow into beads of rainbow glow with fro.

fro sailing out toll. pocket lint out tvdinner pocket or
balking mosque under socket, beads walking with punts

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Woah, this is cool. I love

Woah, this is cool. I love the main menu. Yer drawing games build on each other so much, it's really impressive!

I couldn't find myself in the credits tho? :( Have I not been around the irc enough lately?

yah, don't take it too personal.

Exclusion wasn't intended. Your existence hasn't been far from my thoughts. I actually was thinking of shooting a scramble the eggs video just a week and a half ago. But yeah, I updated it just a little bit ago and included some more pseudonyms, the inclusion of yours as well. And to everyone else I've omitted without intention, thanks for the support.

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thanks for updating it :) I

thanks for updating it :) I appreciate it. as much as I hate to admit it, I felt shocked by not being able to find myself. I don't know if that was the right response but I'm glad it's all good.

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