Key To Your House

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Turned out more creepy than spooky, but ya know... what can you do.

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Our Halloween games have

Our Halloween games have kinda similar titles unintentionally!

This game feels really gross, that guy's voice and the way the house looks and that cookie, and that clown. I like that that clown at the end comes out on repeat, but ya know... what can you do.

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I lol'ed for a good 30

I lol'ed for a good 30 seconds when I read your reply. I play this game and I'm like... ewww. It kinda feels like suddenly hocking up a loogie, coughing it on a wall and genuinely being both impressed and disturbed that this gooey, silvery slime just came out of me. So when you said it feels really gross, I finally got my chance to laugh at it.

The clown only comes out on repeat in the browser version. In the download version, the game crashes out once the clown finishes peeking at you.
I'm still unsure if I should have had the clown in the window during the search for the key. Those windows are transparent because I intended to do that at first, but I wanted the clown to appear without the player noticing. I settled for some movement behind the bushes, but I don't think anyone notices it.

This was a neat game for me to make for a few reasons.
-The biggest reason is that it helped me understand when to make flexible code and when to just write script for each specific case. At one point I was going to make the items you click on randomly choosen, but then I realized that it would take me more time than just writing specific cases for each item.
-The other reason is that I now can see the difference between spooky and creepy. I know how to make creepy, but I don't know how to make spooky. I'm interested in learning how to do it.

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I agree, this game was

I agree, this game was really gross. But it was gross in a funny way.

I think it's good that you don't have the clown in the window. It's more fun and weird when you don't know who is yelling at you or why.