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Explore the spooky house.

Nothing is near completion.

Click on either side of player while footsteps are active to move.
Look at objects while eye is active while near them to view a description(some objects)
Interact while hand is active while near an object.(not available)

Happy Halloween!

Also try The Popcorn Game for a halloween scare!

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I like the simplicity of the

I like the simplicity of the interface and you successfully created a concerned mood. It seems like prime space for some environmental story-telling and unsettling twists.

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This was another one I started a sypnosis on

It got lost in reloads and refreshes though. The pac interface is nice and I like the overall look of things. I almost want to delve in myself and capture it. I got lost on the second floor and couldn't wander back, but i wonder back in wanderlust if what would come of it if I could return and if something on the first floor was forgotten. I didn't achieve an ending or a finish to it but perhaps some things are best left unfinished. I was never the best at a puzzle for most things but I'm getting better at them over time.

It takes me back to SCI/Scumm. I'm leaning towards SCI because I found myself right clicking to attempt to switch/toggle different choices, but Scumm was the next best area and I think I'm gonna have to citate it as the first puzzle adventure that changed everything about what interaction with the screen was about. It takes quite a character, or a multidimensional caricature that confuses us all to really capture being enraptured beyond the pasture.

Nice overall look in this one. 3785375 out of 57, whatever that means