Don't Flub Your Line!

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It's the big performance, and you've got a single line. Don't flub it!

Arrows move.
Shift to say line.
Control to perform a stage death.

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Pirate Kart 2


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Is it possible not to

Is it possible not to flub?

Because somehow I'm thinking it is not.

It's fantastic anyway.

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I looked in the .gam file (I

I looked in the .gam file (I know, I'm evil). The only possible outcome is flubbing. Also, the timing doesn't really mean anything (but you get some funny conversation lines if you sit around during your cues).

Still, this game was most excellent, thanks to the writing. It also wins points for best use of the Medusa Head graphic.

Those fanboys over at

Those fanboys over at Newgrounds were unable to handle the sheer immense power contained this game.
I loved the use of the Monkey Island 1 circus music, but I flubbed my lines.