BRAINSSS: kreator's kut

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I did a little work on BRAINSSS just now, because I think it was kind of unplayable as I submitted it.

Here is the complete lowdown, since I hadn't written one:

In BRAINSSS, you control two zombies in love. They're just out for a nice dinner and some dancing, but some closed-minded humans don't appreciate the sight of public displays of zombie affection (affliction? infection? whatever) and are determined to spoil their fun. Fortunately, the zombies' passion burns so fiercely that it manifests in physical form, consuming anything in its path. Let's show them the power of love!

One zombie is controlled with the WASD keys, and the other with the arrow keys; they shoot flames at each other automatically. You can bring the zombies together to regenerate health, though doing this limits the range and effectiveness of the fire. You start off with 20 (shared) health, but can go up to 30.

Also, uh, bonus two-player mode at no extra charge?

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