Poor Thing update and crisis

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Dear All,
Ever since my last update I have been working on the game almost every day, encouraged by your comments. I have added a ton of new levels (and also deleted some unnecessary to make room for more among the 255 available), details and so on... I have also been working on the backstory, which I am afraid to say is getting darker and darker. Graphically I have started lately making more interiors,as you can see attached. But it really wore me out, especially that I have to incorporate more and more "action" elements which mean programming, failing, reprogramming without an end... So I will be taking a short break now and probably restart next year. I need a pause with these endless obstacles and also the everso more depressing narrative. But worry not, I love the project like a 3rd baby and will complete it for sure! It is just more exhausting than I initially thought it to be. As always, lots of pixellated love for you dear crazy computer peoples and keep creating!

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Always good to see you

Always good to see you update!

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Wow thanks! So nice of you.

Wow thanks! So nice of you. I will try to update every 3 months regarding this game.

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Next year isn't too far

Next year isn't too far away. Enjoy your break!

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Thanks Sergio!

Thanks Sergio!

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This game looks amazing.

This game looks amazing. It's making me want to start up production on the game I've been working on for over a year now!. Thanks for the inspiration!

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Thanks for the kind words, it's an honour to be seen as inspiration and a responsibility as well.Follow thy dreams! And Merry Christmas.