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An unsourced online article states: "The North American, or NTSC, version of Stadium Events is universally accepted as the rarest licensed NES game available for purchase in North America." YOU ARE BIDDING ON THE NORTH AMERICAN VERSION OF STADIUM EVENTS*! Now is your chance -- PROBABLY YOUR ONLY CHANCE, EVER IN YOUR LIFE -- to own a game that is exactly the same as a terrible, extremely common NES game except for the title screen!

* This auction is for the SHAREWARE version of Stadium Events, which is much more common than the registered version since copying was encouraged. The registered version is so rare because it costs $41,300.

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Pirate Kart 2


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Wait, this showed up in

Wait, this showed up in Recent Changes...

Also, while you're at it, maybe fix it so that the secret ending works. Hey, you'd be five weeks late on that, but still.

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Log: "testing new site db,

Log: "testing new site db, no visible changes here"

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Actually, I visited from the

Actually, I visited from the RSS feed, which doesn't include the log next. All I got was "Changes to Event Created For: THE 371-IN-1 KLIK & PLAY PIRATE KART II: KLIK HARDER".