The Assassination

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Watch a royal assassination play out in slow motion before your very eyes. Discover your part in these strange events.


Side note: This was originally meant to be a submission to last week's klik of the month, but as you can see I'm a little late.

It was meant to play out over two hours, but then I realized that there's no way to make RPG Maker run while minimized. So I bumped up the time-scale a lot and now it just takes a few minutes. I don't think the effect is quite the same, but oh well.

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Thanks for submitting your

Thanks for submitting your game! This was very dark and disturbing for being such a short and light hearted looking game. I felt like I was in a rush because of the time limit to talk to each person. I am glad this game doesn't actually take two hours to beat. I was confused at the end if I beat it or not. Was I supposed to just exit the game?

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Yeah, I was wondering if the

Yeah, I was wondering if the time limit was too short. I didn't want to make the early part of the game too tedious, since there's only two people to talk to then.

I sort of thought of this game as taking place in a metaphorical space. It's more like a type of psychic symbolism than something happening in reality. You can think of it as being about a person or people or culture coping with inevitability, or trying to avoid coping with it. But actually my ideas kept changing while I worked on the game so it's all pretty jumbled up.

And also, yes that is the end of the game. I would have added a more definite ending, but I was treating it like a quick game jam (even though I missed the deadline) and I had already gone a little over two hours of development time.

edit: I made it so that you have 1:00 before time advances instead of 30 seconds, and now you can use the clocks hanging on the wall to advance time prematurely.