Klik & Klaus: Sekret Santa Klub 2014

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Tue, Dec 16 2014 12:00 AM
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Ho ho ho! It's that time of year again!

Introducing the THIRD annual Sekret Santa Klub! Sign up! Get your name drawn from a hat! Make a game! Who has your name? Who knows! But whoever drew your name will be making a game just for you!

Here are the rules:

- Sign up before December 11th to get entered into the hat drawing!
- Post gift ideas in this thread so your Secret Santa knows what kind of game to make.
- On the 11th, you will get a private message telling you who your assigned Santee is! You will have roughly two weeks to make a game for your Santee!
- Post your game here at some point during the 25th! Don't worry if you're a few days late. Just try to get it in at some point before the new year.

Reminder: Each Santee gets ONE (1) gift and ONE (1) gift only.

UPDATE! Signups are still being accepted! We will have a second drawing for those who didn't make it in time by the 11th!

UPDATE 2! The second name drawing has occurred, and signups are now closed. Thanks for participating!

Games made for Klik & Klaus: Sekret Santa Klub 2014


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I forgot this was coming!

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And I almost forgot to make my list!

Mostly trying to make it different to last year's.

  1. Driving games.
  2. Outer space being blue.
  3. This song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ5lH5X_vXU
  4. Dogs / goofy dog smiles.
  5. Not being at a computer.
  6. Games made from found images and such—collage looking games.
  7. And the end of Increpare's Cooking, for Lovers: http://www.increpare.com/2014/11/cooking-for-lovers/

I'd be happy with any one of these :)

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I'm really looking forward

I'm really looking forward to this!! This is my favourite event of the year :)

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Truffle Lace Wish List

I had a computer help me out with this....:
- Teenyboppers
- Rhizocarpous
- Eels
- Anthologise
- Covinously
- Lingonberries
- Expediting
- Little
- Uproar
- Fanwork
- Fluffy

There is totally no meaning to how I got these words ;)

Also if the person who gets me knows me AT ALL like anything you wanna throw in you know I like is fair game!! Also if you don't really know me, anything you THINK I'd like is super fair game!

mno i hope you realize that

mno i hope you realize that last year you came up with an equally random list of wishes and it took me days to figure out how to fit them all in the game

not even speaking of hours

not even speaking of hours spent looking for the meaning of the words

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Woah hey now those were NOT

Woah hey now those were NOT random!! Those were all legitmate interests, I'll have you know. I will back that up on every single word I chose! Though I can understand how you had to work so hard on using them all... you did such a great job of that :D

This list though was made mostly out of my hands. I had to look up half of the words to make sure they didn't mean anything bad!

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I'll have plenty of time to

I'll have plenty of time to make something cool now that school is winding down. Looking forward to it! (And to hopefully being more active here in the future!)

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My List

Ah, my list is:

-maps, travelling, internationality
-cute & interesting characters
-slower paced experiences over arcade-y things
-mono no aware (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mono_no_aware)
-interesting art styles
-hidden secrets
-nature & the natural world
-spooky strangeness

Feel free to pick, choose, and ignore whatever you like! I hope, above all, that whoever gets me can make something they enjoy too.

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I'm glad I signed up for

I'm glad I signed up for this one on time! I like healthy things and scary things and funny things!

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What might a healthy thing

What might a healthy thing be?

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I guess I'll be more

I guess I'll be more detailed then.

Healthy things like:

  1. fruits
  2. vegetables
  3. running
  4. health foods
  5. table tennis
  6. weight lifting

I don't like:

  1. drugs
  2. milk
  3. eggs
  4. when people aren't true to themselves

Scary things like:

  1. Alien Isolation
  2. losing control of your body
  3. losing control of reality

I also like anime girls like:

  1. Asuka Langley Soryu
  2. Sei Sakuraoka
  3. Nico Robin
  4. Chie Satonaka
  5. tomboyish girls in general

Sekret Santa Klub 2014

I had a lot of fun last year! Looking forward to this one. Thanks to Dattorz for organizing this tradition.

I like retro games. Shootemups are my favourite, though I'm also partial to Pitfall- and Son Son-like scrolling action games. As long as it can be played on PC I'm totally cool with the platform.


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i have not made a thing

i have not made a thing since i did this last year so clearly i should do it this year!!

for possible ideas please see this sadly neglected tumblr i kept for a little while!

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Fun fun! :D I like (or

Fun fun! :D

I like (or think it would be fun if you include some of):

  • Sci-Fi
  • Space travel
  • Film Noir aesthetics (think 40-50's styled black and white thrillers with cigarette smoking detetctives)
  • Mystery
  • Mental illness
  • Horror
  • Colorful games
  • Hard but solvable puzzles

Feel free to pick and choose, and interpret as you wish!

Looking forward to making some games! ;)

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Just so you know, a game

Just so you know, a game about mental illness might make some people here uncomfortable.

Everything else is fine, but in the spirit of inclusiveness I would prefer that whoever makes this game avoid the "mental illness" item.

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I feel like a blanket 'ban'

I feel like a blanket 'ban' on the subject is a blunt approach, but I too feel it's something that should at least be approached carefully.

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Feel free to ignore that

Feel free to ignore that topic. No point in upsetting people just because :-)

i hope you realize that last

mno i hope you realize that last year you came up with an equally random list of wishes and it took me days to figure out how to fit them all in the game

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I want to participate.I

I want to participate.
I want a game about a North Korean spy whose mission is to seduce a South Korean K-Pop star, marry them and then bring them to the North willingly. The main thing I want attempted in the game is the dissonance between duty in completing your mission and the fact (that you have a hard time admitting to) that you have fallen in love with the target.

To be clear, I don't expect whoever makes this game to be able to pull this off, but any attempt at including this theme would please me.
If you need inspiration this may help:

The best expression of the theme's crux comes at the end of episode 10.

Of course I don't expect anyone to put forward the time-commitment of watching the show, but I wanted to put in a reference to the source-material of my wish.

This is probably a rude, taboo thing to say on this site but I'd also like it to be playable by a machine that is running Windows 7 64-bit.

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Please sign up for the event

Please sign up for the event so that you get entered in the drawing.

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Thanks, that would have been

Thanks, that would have been a bummer if I missed out because I didn't sign up.

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A friend of mine has some

A friend of mine has some objections to this theme, should they be assigned to you. Would it be okay for something more general, along the lines of just "person in one country is trying to woo a person in another country in a different role"?

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Of course.

Of course. They can do whatever they like if it makes it more fun for them.

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My wish list

- alligators
- dimensional travel (i.e. underworld, parallel universes)
- platformer with lots of hidden stuff (like fan-romhacks of SMW)
- various sprites from spritesheets
- MIDI rock
- dragons ??

thank you :}

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Alright, here's my

Alright, here's my wishlist:

- Yoshies and other cute creatures
- Old fangames
- Top-down action-puzzlers like Chip's Challenge
- Bright/pastel colors
- Hugs and snugs
- Genderfuckery/Destruction of gender roles
- Nearest-neighbor scaling/rotating
- 60 FPS

I really like SHMUP!!

I really like SHMUP!!

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This year my desire to

This year my desire to participate has overwhelmed my seasonal fear that I will be unable to produce a game for some reason. I will deliver!

Some ideas:
- cute things
- dream world
- 'atmospheric'
- slice of life
- gravity falls
- micro metroidvania
- or more general exploration
- or basically any style of game
- make a unique 2-8 colour palette
- or draw all the graphics on paper
- or do some other weird art style
- just make the game you want to make

Just doing one of these things is plenty. Some of them don't even work together, but if you want to try and tackle weird juxtapositions anyway, be my guest!


...Is it wrong I keep checking this page like a dozen times a day to see if there are more sign-ups and if I've received my game recipient yet?

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I've been checking on it for

I've been checking on it for new ones too!! BUT we'll all get our recipients in like two hours from now :)

me too

me too

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me three

me three

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Me 4!

Me 4!

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If it's wrong, I don't want

If it's wrong, I don't want to be right.

My needs

Curate, mix, and match the things that fascinate me:

-hideous diseases
-sexual fetishes
-random/chance-based games
-outer space
-messed up controls
-extreme difficulty
-extreme ease
-arcade games
-Tony Hawk
-Thomas Pynchon
-the word "syringe"
-the death penalty


winter pageants and sights and /or whatever, cyberpunk,
sagat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPejenCUnZA
chistmas, or whatever whatnot

wot I want

I want a game that has :

-Weird potatoes flying around the screen
-A tortoise that won' t SHUT UP
-A talking piece of poo that talks like a busy New Yorker
-A player that is a yellow mushroom
-A crudely drawn naked girl that is the Illuminati Top Model
-A drunken werewolf that wants to eat your face
-A retarded old lady that shits fire
-An agressive Totoro plush toy


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Might I suggest removing the

Might I suggest removing the "retarded old lady" from this list? It's ableist and some people might find it offensive.

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whoever gets this one

might have to just spiritually omit it.. when uhh, someone replies to a thread, doesn't it make the original message uneditable? like when i send this, the 3 people behind me won't be able to edit it, and if someone replies to this, i won't be able to fix that embarrassing typo to uneatable or another unrelated word.. just reflecting on that. carry on.

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That's right!

And you can't change what you said either.

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And I did!

And I did!

And on that note

I'm gonna break the cycle by replying to my own message so if the person who replied to me last wants to change their subjectline/body, they can.

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I can always comment on my

I can always comment on my own post.

sorry. sometimes i cant

sorry. sometimes i cant control what i say when i get too excited

so, where is the message ????

so, where is the message ????

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i'm new to this

i am posting a wishlist if it's not too late

* tools
* zines
* paradise
* patterns

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here are some things I like, mix and match as you see fit

-esoteric rituals
-the band Can
-mexican food
-surrealist writing
-the artist Philip Guston
-cheesy new-age philosophy

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Please sign up for the event

Please sign up for the event so that you appear in the listing.

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did it!

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Dear secret santa to-be: You can use stuff from my earlier list if you want, but overall I want a game based on the Hegassen Scroll!


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I hope I'm not too late!! If I am then I am sorry :-O

-low-res jpegs
-unnecessary addition of physics
-games i can stream
-pixel art reminiscent of dragon quest or game boy RPGs
-dramatic voiceovers

Mix and match (or make something entirely different!) <3


Totally ready to make a gift game. :)

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List of Christmas

Mario Characters
A castle
Appropriate for children

Thanks in advance!
Merry Christmas!

my list


Hey, this goes out to anybody

Me lost where to go? It's in the snow, you just like look at it and stuff, took it tough, when things were rough it goes sailing if we were quails we'd be quailing.

Take not needest confusion. What did they do back then? they ma... well, some of they made extras, things that could inspire you, wall pins... could look at them to help solve they mystery?

When I'm lost on what to do, and I should follow my own advice, I look at this poster. It's 26 years old but still probably very relevant today on great design. Hope it's okay that they see the inspiration and it helps the future out because it worked out well back then? maybe in a tin deck. Developmental design like this doesn't decay over time.

Good eateries, ya?

mm_poster.jpg1.14 MB
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my wishlist

nothing disgusting (like puke)
brutal and bloody is cool tho (i'm a metalhead so i'm desensitized to brutal)
uh.... make it fun plz
and no flappy bird/angry bird i hate those games
physics games can be fun (i just got into happy wheels)
AND FOR THE LOVE OF SATAN NO RAGEQUIT GAMES (i hate those games that are difficult AF just for lulz, i just dont like it)


space of tree take
with quilt. suitor quote
into laxative. quote between and seek
against bride, dream of quilt
stinger outside time. groom take
in traction and era give

under laxative. maker but inaction live
on top of suitor. dream walk as
linger over groom and groom.
inside dream rake amid laxative. starve
out life, laxative rake because
take inside life. space and suitor rake
into laxative exist beside quilt. tree point.


Just had a MAJOR crash with Fusion 2.5, and I think my antivirus deleted a crucial file. As a result, I'm drastically delayed in my current gift development.

I apologize in advance if I don't have this issue sorted in time... :(

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anti virus woes

i hate that, the anti virus in silent mode deleting files instead of putting it in sandbox so you can view what's wrong with it.
for the past 2 days i've been cleaning up my computer because of AV issues.
it's annoying :(

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System Restore?

You could try a system restore to before your computer deleted that file?


That seems to have solved it...! Now I have no excuse! :D

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delayed gift

My Christmas vacation has turned into a series of awful things, so the game will probably be delayed until about the new year. Sorry! !

akair's picture

also delayed gift

I overestimated my abilities a bit inbetween work and christmas preperations/celebrations... Im aiming for completion on sunday 28th! Apologies!

akair's picture

This is not going to be what

This is not going to be what i wanted, sadly. But ill be done tomorrow! Hopefully itll my santee happy anyway! :-)

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I don't think I'll be home

I don't think I'll be home until tomorrow, so one lucky person will have to wait a day. Happy Holidays everyone! ^_^'


My game is almost complete but will be delayed by a day or two.

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my game is coming out on the

my game is coming out on the 30th.... I'm sure it'll be worth the wait :)

spiral's picture

OK I didn't have time but it

OK I didn't have time but it WILL be coming out tomorrow :) So if you haven't gotten your game yet, maybe I'm making yours!! Please don't feel bad about the delay.

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whoops i dropped a game i

whoops i dropped a game i made in one day into this event

hope no one minds, they certainly didnt the last time this happened

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Delays for everyone!

I'm afraid my game has also been delayed (hopefully not by too long) by a Photoshop crash that managed to erase 90% of the graphics I'd drawn. I'm trying to view this as an opportunity to redraw everything better! And, uh, faster.

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My game is also running a

My game is also running a little late. I'm hoping it'll be done by the new year.

Blueberry Soft's picture

Almost there~

Just have to script the stage transitions and I'm done!

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When I created my game page the default event was the stocking stuffer one, instead of this one. And I notice a couple of games meant for the KK seem to have ended up there.

Don't wanna lower the high score here y'all

My entry, I'm aiming for Christmas Day, don't be 100% absolute certain, but that's the goal. I'm gonna keep trying.

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My game for this is also

My game for this is also far-too-delayed, unfortunately, but I am still working on it. I was probably too ambitious, and ended up having minimal time to work over the holidays and a lot of personal stuff happening so far this year. I feel super bad about it! I'm hoping to have it done in the next week or two. Sorry! :(