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Ho ho ho! It's that time of year again!

Introducing the THIRD annual Sekret Santa Klub! Sign up! Get your name drawn from a hat! Make a game! Who has your name? Who knows! But whoever drew your name will be making a game just for you!

Here are the rules:

- Sign up before December 11th to get entered into the hat drawing!
- Post gift ideas in this thread so your Secret Santa knows what kind of game to make.
- On the 11th, you will get a private message telling you who your assigned Santee is! You will have roughly two weeks to make a game for your Santee!
- Post your game here at some point during the 25th! Don't worry if you're a few days late. Just try to get it in at some point before the new year.

Reminder: Each Santee gets ONE (1) gift and ONE (1) gift only.

UPDATE! Signups are still being accepted! We will have a second drawing for those who didn't make it in time by the 11th!

Games made for Klik & Klaus: Sekret Santa Klub 2014