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Happy thanksgiving if you celebrate it! (This game has nothing to do with thanksgiving, though)

I made this game tonight after still being somewhat inebriated from earlier and not being able to sleep. It probably doesn't make sense / is total nonsense but enjoy!

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I managed to break the game

If you talk to the thing in the island from the top after the bridge dissapear you become unable to leave the island. Anyways, this was an interesing game and i liked the ending, i also liked the guy with the glitched animations.

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Thanks for playing!

I added some palm trees and now everything's better.

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I couldn't figure out the

I couldn't figure out the controls.

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Just use the arrow keys to

Just use the arrow keys to move around and space to interact with stuff. You can also bring up a menu with another key but you don't actually need to do it for this game.

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Ok then, there is definately

Ok then, there is definately something messed up about my particular installation.

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Ah, so are you hung up on

Ah, so are you hung up on the start screen, or can you get into the actual game and just not move the character around? I'm trying to figure out if this is something I can fix or if it's just a result of RPGMaker 2000 being old and busted.

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I did the setup again and it

I did the setup again and it worked perfectly.

I really enjoyed the line: "There were boring times and exciting times, but mostly there were regular times."

This is one of those games that just make me think "It's so weird that this exists." When things become reality, they get so many details that inform each other. It makes me feel very existential.

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This is confusing, but sick.

This is confusing, but sick. It makes me want to make games that aren't on a super small screen anymore. All this adventure, all the whim. I don't know if this game is actually related to Thanksgiving or you just posted it on Thanksgiving. The joke could be unclear to me, but all the smaller jokes were fun. This game is teaching me life lessons about what I think is fun. The last section where you are kind of forced to collect all the powers and then when you are forced to go into that tunnel as the dragon are very funny. I also like how your games have been ending with areas that kind of look like there could be more game, but there isn't.

Also, what was the song at the end?

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The song is just a random

The song is just a random song from a big community resource pack for RPG maker that I downloaded. Some of them are original, but a lot are just bootleg midi versions of songs from other games, so if you recognize it it's probably from some 90s jrpg.